Movie Synopsis
From the producers of Twilight in Forks comes Twilight in Volterra – the definitive movie about Volterra, Italy, the town made famous by the Twilight books and movies. Since the Twilight movies weren’t filmed in the real Volterra, this is your opportunity to see the town that Stephenie Meyer handpicked as the setting for the vampire dynasty in her epic saga. Are there truly vampires there? Hear from the real people living their lives in the town describe the medieval history and dark past that eerily match events from the books and movies. Drive into town just as Bella and Alice did on their frantic journey to save Edward, see the Volturi palace, and escape their clutches as you exit through the giant stone gate in the ancient city wall.

Filmed in full HD by award-winning Director Jason Brown, this movie is a must-have for Twilight fans who want to know the true story of Volterra, and the untold tales of its unique history, mysticism and culture.

Peninsula Heritage Productions
Created to produce fanumentaries (documentary movies to help fans enjoy the reality of the places made famous by books and films), Peninsula Heritage Productions combines the talents of director / producer Jason Brown and marketing executive York Baur.  Bringing their passion for the enjoyment of entertainment, the exposure of all that our amazing world has to offer, and the use of the latest technology to efficiently product quality media products, Jason and York have driven the company to satisfy the curiosity of millions of fans globally.  Peninsula Heritage Productions also produced Twilight in Forks and Destination Forks which have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.  Based in Issaquah, WA, the company is in the midst of the software and media industries that define the Seattle area, but close to some of the most amazing mountain, ocean and forest scenery in the world.  

Jason Brown
Jason Brown is Executive Vice President of Peninsula Heritage Productions, and is the Co-Producer and Director of the movie Twilight in Forks – The Saga of the Real Town and Destination Forks – The Real World of Twilight, released by Summit Entertainment in 2010. Jason’s 25 years of experience in film, television and music production place him in the top tier of creative talent in the industry. With three Emmy Awards, as well as multiple Clio, Telly and Addy Awards, Jason’s work has been seen by millions of people on TV, in theaters and in corporate settings around the world. His credits include work on features such as Lover’s Lane and Double Impact, recent television shows like A&E’s “Sell this House” and Discovery’s “Super Surgeries”, as well as additional projects for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Showtime, and the NFL Super Bowl. Jason’s work has also been previewed to audiences at the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, New York International Film Festival, and during the NFL Super Bowl. His corporate productions for companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Coke, Nike and National Geographic rounds out a full spectrum of career achievement.

York Baur
York Baur is President of Peninsula Heritage Productions, and is the Co-Producer of the movie Twilight in Forks – The Saga of the Real Town and Destination Forks – The Real World of Twilight, released by Summit Entertainment in 2010. With 25 years of experience in content development, product marketing, business development and corporate development, York brings extensive knowledge to the company’s projects. His expertise in deal making has enabled the company to gain top-tier global distribution for its products, and attract the necessary capital to fund the creation of high quality intellectual property. In addition, York’s experience in direct-to-consumer marketing on the Internet has allowed the company to build a fan base over 1,000,000 people strong, using social media as a highly efficient means of awareness creation. York spent the last 20 years in executive positions at Northwest online media companies, including InfoSpace, Akamai, Microsoft. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California (USC).